Online Poker Bots – Threat or Not?

Online games from chess and backgammon to 1st person shooters are rife with people who use computer assisted play or computer robots – even when there is no money at stake. With the appropriate program any player is able to play at a world championship level ruining the game for honest players. What makes online poker different, given that there […]

Male Rhinoplasty – What Happens Before and After?

The number of men turning to rhinoplasty to correct breathing problems or improve their overall facial appearance is increasing. A large proportion of male rhinoplasty patients are requesting to reduce the size of their noses as a large nose tends to dominate the face and draw attention away from the other facial features. There are other men who undergo rhinoplasty […]


VPN – A New Traveling Essential

Gone are the days when you could leave your work home when traveling abroad. Work follows you everywhere these days. And even if you’re not working, there are plenty of reasons why you would want to remain connected to the internet at all times. You would want to post any fresh selfies that you take. Or you would want to […]