Some people can constantly and easily get sick, be it flu, a cough, cold or even stomach discomfort. Yet some people recover quickly while others take longer to recover, and some never fully recover.

Why is that so?

It all lies in our body’s immune system. People with a strong immune system will experience quick recovery. Therefore, a healthy and well-cared for immune system can effectively prevents most illnesses.

Nutritional immunology is a science that studies the link between nutrition and immune system. According to Nutritional immunology, nutrient-rich foods contribute to a strong immune response, which in turn neutralizes disease-causing germs and prevents infections. Prevention is better than cure. By preventing diseases, we do not have to worry about curing them. Just like fighting a raging fire, it is best and easier to control the flames before they grow.

The Army Within Our Body

Talk about security, few will question the need to invest billions of dollars to train soldiers, state of the art sophisticated weapons and aircraft, around-the-clock surveillance and advance back-up defenses.

Same goes to our body, it is also equipped with an internal army that as, if not more efficient. The only difference is that its enemies are invisible to the naked eye.

Ever since antibiotics were discovered, humans have been focusing more on treatment and less on prevention. Nutritional immunology is a relatively new science that emphasizes prevention over cure

When come to defending our body from disease causing germs, nothing come close to a healthy immune system. So how do we keep the immune system in tip-top condition?

There are 4 criteria you have to meet to maintain a strong immune system.

1. Ensure sufficient sleep. When we sleep, our body cells go into the process of eliminating toxic substances and at the same time repair damaged cells. Hence, it is important to have sufficient sleep and rest.

2. Regular exercise. Waling and deep breathing is an excellent exercise for people of all ages. Do try to do some form of walking as and when your schedule permits.

3. Maintain a stable emotion. Be happy and think positively all the time. When we are stressed, our body will secrete hormones called corticosteroid, which will suppress our immune system by up to 80 percent.

4. Take balance nutrition. The first three criteria as stated above are fairly straight forward and can be easily fulfilled, but the fourth criteria requires wisdom, knowledge and discipline to discern and decide on the food that is most valuable for the body.

Be sure to take wholesome plant foods that have disease fighting nutrients such as phytochemicals, antioxidants and polysaccharides.

These disease fighting nutrients can be found in most vegetables and fruits. Therefore, to keep a strong and healthy immune system is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Our body is a money making machine. It can make more money when it is in tip top condition. Now that you have the key to good health. It is also time to take your key to good wealth.

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